Products of Pinter Signum GmbH

Signum Industry Signs

Company and type plates, front plates and cast plates made of aluminum, brass, stainless steel, Noroxal®, and plastics

Signum Safety Markings - Road

Vehicle safety engineering products including hazard labels, warning signs and markings, etc.

Signum Safety Signs

Escape route marking and fire protection according to DIN standard. Mandatory, prohibitive and warning signs for occupational safety according to ASR/BGV

Signum Safety Markings - Rail

Products for wagon marking including slip holders, folding boards and plug-in frames, etc.

Signum Adhesive Labels

Labels made of PVC, polyester, aluminum or magnetic foils on sheets, rolls or cut and signs made of polycarbonate.

Signum Safety Equipment

Vehicle safety products, protective equipment and accessories

Signum Guidance Systems

Door signs, directional signs and more. made of aluminum, acrylic glass, real glass and stainless steel