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Our individual, high-quality guidance, orientation and advertising systems fit seamlessly into your corporate identity.

We manufacture and supply everything from a single source. Consulting, planning and fabrication.

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The ATLANTA® system series impresses with its timeless rounded design as well as the variety of possibilities for almost every orientation situation and information occasion.

All products from the ATLANTA® system series consist of a silver matt anodized aluminum profile (or painting according to RAL), a cover pane made of acrylic glass or polycarbonate, and a robust mounting plate made of plastic.

The mounting plate also provides the locking mechanism and thus reduces the vulnerability to vandalism. Multilingual operating/assembly instructions and the necessary assembly material are included with each product.

For indoor use, the included perforated labeling inserts can be easily labeled with a conventional inkjet or laser printer.

Architects, builders and interior designers have fixed ideas. However, good ideas can rarely be standardized. Creative planners demand individual applications from semi-finished and finished products that do not restrict creativity. AKP system signs give you the design freedom you need.

Countless color combinations meet the requirements for adapting system signs to the color scheme of the room without being a disturbing factor. The standard sizes we stock offer variable sizing options.

However, if you have special requests that cannot be realized from our standard program, we will produce special formats in the shortest possible time. As standard, all parts are silver matt anodized and cover plates are always cast acrylic or polycarbonate on request.

The simple, elegant design of the ACP system signs meets almost every taste and adapts to spatial conditions.

The CONVEXUS is a curved aluminum signage system, which is characterized by the wide range of possibilities. In addition to the standard silver anodized finish, any desired RAL color can be realized.

The standard formats, which can be easily labeled by the customer, are complemented by great flexibility to meet customer requirements.

The inscribed inserts are protected by an impact resistant and non-reflective polycarbonate screen.

The mounting is concealed and due to the flat back the sign hangs fully on the substrate.

The design-oriented CRUSO system combines easy-to-use variability for self-labeling of room door signs.

It is available in 2 variants: type A variant is manufactured with lateral 12 mm cove profile, while for type B variant a 12 mm full round profile is used.

Text changes within the room door signage can be made quickly and easily internally using pre-perforated label inserts and a PC with printer.

The high-quality base plates or support elements of the entire system are made of aluminum profiles. The labeling inserts are permanently protected by crystal-clear acrylic cover plates with polished side edges. The wall mounting of all system units is concealed, as is the installation of an information sign in free ceiling suspension on stainless steel cables.

The choice between silver anodized and aluminum elements painted in all RAL shades ensures perfect harmony with all corporate identity colors of the company or institutions. The CRUSO system is conceived as a consistently design-oriented guidance system, which makes it in harmony with most architectural expressions.

Variety of toughened safety glass or acrylic glass with real glass effect in combination with stainless steel fasteners. Despite or even because of its purist design, the ACRYLLA/GLAS LINE system attracts maximum attention.

Mounting and labeling is also simple and easy. The supplied transparent or matte foils can be easily labeled on standard laser printers and broken out using the perforation.

For outdoor use, the labeling is done either by means of high-performance foil or screen printing. The glass itself serves as a mounting template.

The ACRYLLA/GLAS LINE system offers a uniform appearance from the door sign to the floor signpost, which is neutral to the architecture due to the materials used.