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Adhesive labels

The possible variations in labels are as diverse as their areas of application. According to your requirements, we deliver the optimal solution from a variety of materials, shapes, surfaces and adhesive foils. You can rely on our experience, efficiency and good prices.

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We print your information and advertising messages for you on the following materials: PVC films, adhesive films, polyester films, magnetic films, polycarbonate from 0.25 mm.

According to the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG), the employer must ensure a safe working environment. The inspection of electrical systems and equipment plays a decisive role in this context.

Regular maintenance and functional checks can detect or even prevent damage to machines and equipment at an early stage. This in turn has a positive impact on safety in the company. We offer you a comprehensive range of labels to document inspection intervals in a conspicuous and secure manner.

Inventory signs and barcode labels made of anodized aluminum, weatherproof, self-adhesive back, rounded corners, mark your products, components and devices with your desired text.

The transparent and flexible material polycarbonate (PC) can be printed in color on the back. Signs made of polycarbonate are very resistant to the environment and weather due to their high temperature resistance.

The self-adhesive safety test sign, also called SP sign, is made of polycarbonate with a sealable inscription field.

The SP sign is available with advertising imprint (57 x 14.5 mm). Size with advertising imprint 60 x 100 mm and without advertising imprint 60 x 85 mm.