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Industrial Signs & Front Panels

We manufacture signs, lettering and front panels at two production sites with modern production equipment at competitive prices. The quality of our products is assured by extensive intermediate and final inspections.

Our industrial signs are information and image carriers and are used by many machine, vehicle and plant manufacturers on their products.

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They serve as a figurehead for your company or as information carriers of product data and must withstand many years of stress. We produce both small and large quantities according to your individual specifications. Through various further processing methods such as anodizing, printing, stove enameling, engraving, etching, punching, lasering, milling and embossing, we can offer an ideal solution according to your requirements. We use a wide variety of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel or brass, on which even consecutive numbering or barcodes are no problem for us thanks to the latest technology.

Serve as covers or panels for buttons and control panels. They provide not only practical but also visual benefits and are used in all industries. Precision and quality play an important role in the manufacturing process. Our front panels can be made in any shapes and sizes including materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate, formica or acrylic glass. The front, blank or partial panels can be labeled using conventional screen printing with 2-component inks as well as analog or digital sub-anodized printing. Even color gradients and multicolored graphics are no obstacle. Through the optimal combination of material, surface treatment, mechanical processing and printing technology, together we can meet your desired requirements so that the product solution is tailored exactly to your needs.

Many commercial vehicle manufacturers, use company signs or lettering made of Aluplast ® on the outside of their vehicles, as these have proven to be extremely resistant to extreme weather conditions. Depending on the requirements, Aluplast ® signs are available with a temperature resistance of -30 °C to +110°C.

Company and industrial signs made of Aluplast ® are externally resistant and are made of high quality plastics such as polysterol, ABS or polycarbonate. The raised letter fields and the surrounding border are permanently metallized with pure chrome, aluminum or colors using the hot stamping process.

Aluplast ® signs with chrome-coated high-relief lettering are resistant to 3-5 rounds of corrosion (according to Kesternich), depending on the design, without significantly changing their appearance.

Since the appropriate injection mold must be built for the production of Aluplast ® signs, Aluplast
® signs are used for large series or frequently recurring and constant demand.
The signs are injection molded from high quality metal molds, so even when reordering the signs, consistent external dimensions and hole spacing are guaranteed.

Mounting can be done using fastening holes for screws and rivets, 0.13 mm to 0.9 mm thick self-adhesive foil on the back or molded-on pins.

Aluplast®Signs & Lettering

Our company signs are cast from metal (aluminum, brass or bronze), with plastic raised lettering and edges, finely ground or highly polished. The base of the signs is recessed ribbed or recessed smooth and can be stove enameled with RAL colors.
These signs are often used in plant engineering, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, as they are subject to heavy loads, which are best met by cast iron signs. Even after a second coating, for example, the machine, you remain legible.

The cast signs are fastened by drilled holes. For the cast brass and bronze signs, threaded pins or concrete anchors (for casting into concrete) can be additionally attached on the back.

For the production it is necessary to make one or more models.