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Safety signs, information signs, parking signs

Our safety signs are manufactured according to the following standards, regulations, ordinances: ASR A1.3, DIN 2403, DIN 30710, DIN 4066, DIN 4844, DIN 67510, DIN 67520, DIN ISO 3864, ISO 21482, ISO 6309, DIN EN ISO 7010, BGR 216, GUV-VA3, GUV-VS1, leaning on the American ANSI standard,Indoors and outdoors, warn and protect your employees with the internationally understandable symbolism. They point out dangers, prohibitions and commandments and ensure the highest level of attention and optimize the operational process.

Ensure compliance with safety regulations in accordance with standards and protect your employees from risks and hazards. Command signs are ideal for the protection of persons e.g. in noisy areas, hospitals or laboratories.

e.g. DIN 4844, DIN ISO 3864, BGV A8

Protect danger spots with the unmistakable prohibition signs.

Prohibition signs stand for safety, because they are intended to prevent accidents or accidents at work. In any form of business, these signs are not only mandatory; they make clear statements about protecting the health of employees and thus have a significant impact on employee behavior.

Life-saving fire safety signs provide quickly identifiable emergency rescue information and are highly visible even during power outages.

e.g. according to DIN 4066, DIN 4844, DIN 67510, DIN ISO 3864, ISO 6309

Mark with escape route and rescue route signs in accordance with the regulations of DIN 67510, DIN 4844 and DIN ISO 3864. In this way, they ensure immediate orientation and guidance out of the danger zone in an emergency.

Warning signs are used to mark obstacles and danger points, they warn and protect your employees.

By attaching specific machine markings, you point out hazards and can thus prevent accidents.

are suitable for machines, heating systems, garages, elevators; serve to regulate access and access rights; mark sanitary facilities or doors and rooms as signs and stickers.

With us you will find a huge selection of signs made of different materials.

Reserve parking spaces for employees, customers or visitors with standard or desired text.

Prevent parking in parking spaces or driveways with no parking signs. Also here, in addition to standard text such as “Private parking”, their individual text can be inserted.

Mark your parking spaces for employees, customers, visitors and more.

The chain tags are attached to the chain with 2 S-hooks at the top corners of the tag.

Our company signs are cast from metal (aluminum, brass or bronze), with plastic raised lettering and edges, finely ground or highly polished. The base of the signs is recessed ribbed or recessed smooth and can be stove enameled with RAL colors.
These signs are often used in plant engineering, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, as they are subject to heavy loads, which are best met by cast iron signs. Even after a second coating, for example, the machine, you remain legible.

The cast shields are fixed by drilling holes. For the cast brass and bronze signs, threaded pins or concrete anchors (for casting into concrete) can be additionally attached on the back.

For the production it is necessary to make one or more models.