Corporate Compliance Program 

Dear business partners,

Pinter Signum GmbH pursues value-oriented corporate management that is committed to the interests of the owners and employees as a whole. Competence, responsibility, willingness to perform, integrity and compliance with the law are values that guide Pinter Signum GmbH as a leading supplier of signage of all kinds.

Compliance with the law, whether within or outside Germany, is a matter of course for our company, even if this means that advantageous business opportunities cannot be exploited. Violations of law and order will not be tolerated.

We have obligated our employees to adhere to the Corporate Compliance Program, which also regulates conduct toward business partners.

With our Corporate Compliance Program, we meet the standards of internationally active companies.

Compliance with the aforementioned principles is also in the interest of our business partners. We are therefore convinced that you also consider compliance with the following regulations in particular to be necessary

Donations and benefits of any kind whatsoever to or for employees of a business partner are to be refrained from unless they are made within the scope of what is customary in business and social terms and the value is not significant for the recipient. In any case, the greatest restraint is required here in order to ensure, both on the part of our business partners and on the part of Pinter Signum GmbH, that only factual aspects are decisive in the initiation and handling of business relationships.

The following grants are inadmissible:

  • Cash grants
  • personal discounts on goods or services from your range, which are not available to other third parties.
  • Invitations to sporting or social events without a recognizable business connection and to a disproportionate extent
  •     Invitations to vacations or other recreational events, as well as invitations to seminars in typical vacation regions
  • Employment of an employee of the business partner as a consultant or in any other way
  • private business with employees of a business partner

The only exceptions to this rule are items for everyday office use (calendars, pens, etc.) that are distributed at Christmas or on other special occasions. 

The following integrity clause will be part of all business relations with Pinter Signum GmbH in the future. 

  1. The contracting parties are committed to a corruption-free business environment. They undertake to refrain from corrupt conduct and other punishable acts and to take all necessary measures to avoid them. In particular, they undertake to take precautionary measures against the cases of serious misconduct listed below:
    1. Crimes in commercial transactions, in particular money laundering (§ 261 StGB), fraud (§ 263 StGB), breach of trust (§ 266 StGB), forgery of documents (§ 267 StGB), forgery of technical records (§ 268 StGB), falsification of data relevant to evidence (§ 269 and § 270 StGB), indirect false certification (§ 271 StGB), suppression of documents (§ 274 StGB) and agreements restricting competition in tenders (§ 298 StGB).
    2. Offering, promising or granting advantages to domestic or foreign civil servants, public officials or persons with special public service obligations who are involved in the award or execution of contracts (Sections 331 – 335 StGB).
    3. Offering, promising or granting or demanding, allowing oneself to be promised and accepting benefits from business partners in return for an unfair preference in national or international business dealings (Sections 299, 300 StGB).
    4. The betrayal or obtaining of business and trade secrets (Section 17 UWG) as well as the unauthorized use of templates (Section 18 UWG).
    5. Violations of national (GWB) and European competition and antitrust law.
  2. In the event of a breach of the obligation under No. 1, a contracting party may also terminate the contract for cause.
  3. In the event of a breach of the obligation under No. 1, a Party may exclude the other Party from awarding future contracts.

We are convinced that the aforementioned principles for avoiding conflicts of interest are beneficial to our business relationships and thank you for your understanding. 

Pinter Signum GmbH
 Mark O. Pinter

(as at: 09.12.2009)