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Pinter-Signum GmbH not only ensures safety on the roads, but is also a manufacturer of marking products for rail vehicles. Whether maintenance or new construction, with our products approved for rail transport according to GGVSEB / RID / ADR, your vehicles are always equipped according to the legal requirements. Thus, for many years, we have been an OEM supplier to all major lock and wagon manufacturers in Europe thanks to our high quality, fair prices and individual product development.

Our hot-dip galvanized steel slip holders are used for the safe retention and quick exchange of your freight documents, the plug-in frames (type Hamburg IV) ensure perfect labeling of the tank cars with the corresponding warning signs, and also our fully black-painted exchange frames made of stainless steel allow not only easy mounting, but also uncomplicated exchange of the respective danger labels.

Our product range is also complemented by the SSM folding board (address board), which was developed in-house and is protected throughout Europe. Due to its anodized aluminum composition, this board can withstand immense stress.

In addition, we also manufacture your weatherproof and custom piston-lift signs, tank signs as well as stainless steel, brass, ABS, polystyrene and polycarbonate company signs. But also our standard stickers as warning or prohibition signs are available for you directly from stock.